Dear Visitors,

My name is Minh Diep, I am now a fifth year undergrad student at UCLA and major in Computer Science. I was born in Vietnam, and have been in US for about 8 years. Living in US indeed gives me many chances to be successful in several fields related to Computer Science. Besides studying at school, I have been able to learn and do some programming applications in real life such as Android OS Software, Web Design and Dynamic Web Application.

Learning at school helps me to comprehend a wide range of fundamental and essential knowledge which is truly an important foundation for my career in the near future. Meanwhile, doing many real life applications makes me to realize that imagination and creativity are two significant components that Computer Scientists must also have. Firstly, we need creativity to come up with a good idea; then, we will use our educational knowledge to determine whether the idea is possible and figure out how we can make it come true. Next, our imagination will help us to see how the idea works or perhaps how several good ideas can connect together as a single more powerful system or application. Finally, we can begin designing the user interface of the application and implement it in an efficient and proper way as much as possible.

Besides studying Computer Science, I am also interested in American culture, history and politics. Since knowing this country will indeed benefits me in many aspects of life and career. Moreover, in order to be a good citizen, as well as enhancing my logical and critical thinking, I took several Philosophy classes and read several documentations of Plato, Aristotle and other famous authors.